Thursday, 10 December 2009

Mortus Illumina VFX update 2.

To the cast and crew of the chapel shoot ,remember the fourth day of filming when we did the evil sequence ?

We were armed with  all the latest low budget special FX know how ...

Including invisible thread , talcum powder

And of course the infamous burning bible which  was ignited from a car battery , took ages to light and you can see it action in the trailer here

It was a tough nights shooting and everyone chipped in 

All in all , a good all round effort from cast and crew, however the Visual FX guys looked at our evil sequence and laughed! Especially at the book bursting into flames and cried Rubbish! They then said give us your footage and hummed a bit and mmmmed a bit and did what ever VFX guys do and then came back with "This is how you do something bursting into flames"

All sequences are now going into the final render and sound design and scoring should be starting in January

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