Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Grammar W'nker

The Grammar W*nker

This Monstrous fiend normally goes
by the name of Carol or Ben.

They insist you address them
in correct form,
or else they kick off
a most unpleasant storm.
They walk with their noses high in the air,
their eyes pointing down,
And God forbid, if you misuse a noun!

They've added Stephen Fry to their friends,
just so they look smart,
but sadly
they don't quite
understand the arts.
Contractions, conjunction , commas and case
are far better to them than an imaginary place.

Reading this verse, they have cried: "What could be worse!"

But I know their weak spot, and I am willing to share...
Its not punctuation or the wrong choice of their....

It can reduce them to tears, an emotional mess...
For its a Supermarket sign; "Ten items or less"


  1. Very, very amusing!

    Stephen Fry has added me to his friends...just so he looks silly.

  2. Defiantly should be "lesser"

    Good job!



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