Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Years ago, I used to have a domain hosted with a company called supanames and in all fairness it was a pretty decent hosting company.

It was taken over by 123reg who are complete assholes.

I say this, as every once in a while they take money from my account "For domain renewal" even though I no longer have a domain hosted with them. Every time they take money from me, I go through a whole charade of asking for confirmation that the domain has been cancelled, and everytime they assure me it has.  It started in 2009 and has been continuing since.

In 2010 money was taken twice from my account. Once in August and then again in December. Through a long series of phone calls. I got the money back from August, but when they took it again at December, I fired off a rant tweet on twitter @123Reg. A women called Anisha Lal got in contact refunded my money and she confirmed with me that the account was cancelled. But she is full of shit

As in 2011. Again money was taken from my account. this time I was refused a refund as they said they had no confirmation that my account had been cancelled or a record of conversation above. So I asked their support to provide me with written confirmation that my account had been cancelled, and that I would not be screwed by them again. Turns out Camille Simpson is full of shit too

I am receiving domain renewal emails for said domain and no doubt they will be taking money from my account again - and the wankers have my name wrong for further insult.

I have tried logging into their most un user friendly domain panel, but I get the following

But I am betting that they will take money on the 13th of December. It is only a small amount £9.99 but this is money they are taking without my permission, and for a service I no longer use.

I have tried

* Phoning
* Over twitter
* Via their support
* Via their domain panel.

I do not think I am now being unreasonable by calling them a bunch of Bullshitting rip off bastards.



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