Thursday, 10 December 2009

How to download youtube videos

I have been searching the web looking for a youtube for audio (not really much joy yet any recomendations ?) and the search results have been littered with

Convert Youtube to MP3
Download youtube videos for free
Simple App for Saving youtube

etc, etc

Which reminds of a very simple way to download youtube videos which I thought I would post up here to save you having to hand over email address to the spam masters , installing adware or handing over credit card details.

You need to be using safari to do this.

Open Up Safari
Go to youtube and find the video you want to download
Press Command - Option A (or open the activity window from the window menu)
In the activity window scroll down to what will be the largest file and double click to download it.

To play it in quicktime or to convert it, use something like

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