Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Even more Crap Left Over From Blogger to WordPress

Following on from more crap left over ... I am still getting a fair chunk of traffic from google cached pages of my site, which I imagine is annoying for the visitor, as all they will get is a list of broken links.

The Image on the left shows the top ten landing pages for November. Anything with a .html does not exist anymore.

After much searching around, I am trying out the google URL removal tool. Which you can find in Google webmaster tools under crawler access on a non obvious tab.

As a test, I am trying out both a URL and an entire directory. According to the help I also need to update my robots file as well. All in all my experience of google webmaster tools has been highly confusing and I am left currently at the moment with a pending status in the hands of google.

I guess its now a case of watch this space...

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