Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Another quick tidy up on My #fridayflash page

I have been editing a friends wedding video recently, so have not had much time to continue with learning php and messing around with chance1234.com
However, I have done a very quick tidy up on the fridayflash page which lists my favourite reads. Nothing drastic, just shifted the last ten and archive lists from out of the two columns and moved them below.

I may introduce some sorting and filtering of the archive when it gets bigger; I am, however curious in what I can do to treat the data more "equal" and what I mean by equal is a story from say week 22 should be as prevalent as a story from week 36.

I have the random selection in the corner, and by the nature of listing them alphabetically they are getting mixed up, but I believe there are more tricks out there. One of the faults I see with blogs is that information gets too easily buried and quite a few things I'm trying out on chance1234.com is ways of getting on a more even footing - hence the random order on the front page.

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