Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What ???

To those two people, of which I was one of, who used to visit and enjoy the site in its old format. Alas, I have decided to rip it down because
  1. Most of the stuff in the posts exists elsewhere on the internet
  2. Bar from the Anthem for Doomed Youth animation, this site was not getting any traffic
  3. Both my short story and drawing blog have surpassed this site in terms of visitors and hits in a very very short time, especially my drawing blog.
  4. I am trying to learn php so I can execute my plan to make a dotcom site and retire to a beach. I thought this site would be a good place to mess around on.
So to you my other visitor, though we didnt meet in the last world, I hope we meet in this one. This site will most likely definitely never be finished and will change appearance at random.

This blog, will serve as an infrequent commentary to the new site and may contain other ramblings which make fine art of the rules of english grammar. Though, I will more likely just shout something on twitter

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