Saturday, 21 November 2009

MotorHead at the 02 Academy Leeds

You don't describe a Motorhead crowd, it is normally used as a simile and those of you who take an interest in the arts of crowdo'measurelology would not of been disappointed by the crowd last night. Conversations were rife about whoes head was who in the crowd shot on x dvd's, old battle stories were being swapped as season veterans rattled off lists of concerts venue. There was enough leather in the room, that any passing cows who happened to pass by and look through the window, would of thought they were looking into Dante's Inferno and then proceed back to their bretheren and started suicide cults.

It goes without saying the audience was only dressed in one colour - black.

The night began with the Amazonian (though all breasts in check) Girlschool opening, a little slow to get going in their first couple of numbers, but by the end of their set had laid down just that perfect balance of distorted guitar to wet the appetite in preparation for the main course of Umlaut.

Next up were the Damned who last time I saw them was at the Kentish Forum four years ago and my viewpoint was this . I was thinking about taking some front on grainy images this time, so I could flick between the two to create some sort of 3D captain sensible, which I m sure was the ambition of many a school child in the eighties.  The Dammed played an extremely tight set and were absolutely full of beans with Vanian being on top form.

Then onto the main act itself and if it was disappointment you were after, then you would of been disappointed as it got off to an explosive start.  My first reactions were how much I missed vinyl as the crisp studio remastered digital copies of the songs on my ipod have removed all those wonderful , slight off notes and guitar strings scratches and whilst the computers can make things nice and crisp, I prefer my motorhead raw and that it is exactly how it was served last night.

Do I need to mention it was loud ? Yes I do, I believe by asking if I need to mention it and then by mentioning it , I can add to the stress that it was loud - would you want your killed by death any other way, I think not.

Mikkey Dee's drum solo was made of the stuff that could make the world a better place and politicians should take note. I think it would be an understatement to say that the lad had some energy.

The highlight of course was hearing Ace of Spades as the devil intended it , though I must also say some of their new material they played was worth the price of the admission ticket alone.
All in all, everything you could of wanted from a motorhead gig with an added dollop of loudness and rawness.

Ps. To the dollop who standed behind us and threw his beer straight up instead of forward - your doing it wrong.

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