Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Gentlemens Spice

Just finished the draft for this weeks #fridayflash which is going to be another helping of Gentlemen's Spice on my  Dead Adventurers Club Site. The Gentlemen's spice section is my salute to Ronnie Barker who did a series of books in the late seventies and early eighties with titles such as Gentlemen's Relish and,  as pictured Sauce.

The Books are a collection of old saucy postcards, early erotic photographs and other paraphernalia packed full of vintage innuendoss and on top of that, a narration by Barker himself.  I think I own all the books; in probably the wrong order

Gentlemen's Relish
Books of Boudoir Beauties
Oh La La - The Ladies of Paris
Sugar and Spice

All the Characters in the Dead Adventurers Club exist in the same universe no matter what heading the stories are under. A More subtle nod to Barker, is the Duchess Bloemfontein who has a name check in Tiberius'd Dabble with The Occult and will also appear in this weeks Gentlemen Spice and no doubt future stories.

The Duchess Bloemfontein In Ronnie Barkers own words;"... served in Paris during the first world war and now serves in my local."

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