Thursday, 5 November 2009

3 New items to the front page

My Fotki Pages

I have had an account since 2001 and I think fotki is one of the best services out on the internet for photo sharing, however I do think its approaching the time where it needs a bit of an overhaul - with user input.

Youtube Channel

A few videos that of which some used to be listed in the blog postings of the old site. Most recent was a timelapse video I shot when I was driving in Vancouver in a Mustang.

The Vault

One of the old pages from the original site, I quite like the spinnign carousel and I pictured having lots of items on this. I think one of the problems of the internet, is too much stuff gets buried and I think this was a novel way of showing content. I might reuse that for something else in the future. What I do not know.

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