Friday, 20 November 2009


I came across this week, a site called icerocket which is a real time blog search engine. The nice thing about it, is you can also search the web,  twitter, myspace, newsources and images. It is also nicely laid out.

It also has a blog tracker tool, which I have added both of my blogs to and one of the pieces of information it gives you is your blog rank. I thought I would take a look at what was above and below my sites in the rankings.

First of all my Smokeback site has a ranking of #1645.

Above that is Mikes Money Making Blog  which looks like one of those sights that just scrapes how to make money articles - I can't even be arsed to read it.

Below my site is The Best PTC  which is a site just listing Pay to Click sites banners.

Moving onto  The Dead Adventurers Club  ,this has a rank of #4655

Above that is Tanto 84 , which I have no idea what it is about , looks like its in some sort of nordic language - though I am most likely wrong,

Below it is Chad and Tammys Adventures  Which is a blog from a couple of Triathletes from Victoria ,British Columbia

So what I have learnt from looking at my rankings ? absolutely sweet FA, I also notice that my Dead Adventurers Club site has jumped 647 positions in a day and my smokeback site, a mere 30. Well I do have a pretty looking graph.

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