Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Google Analytics, Aptana and FireFTP

I Just went through the old pages on the Vault section of the site to include Google Analytics code. For all new pages I have a footer file with the code in , which I can simply include with one line on all future pages.

Just thought I would also share a couple of bits of software I am using .

The first is Aptana Studio 1.5

Note the 1.5 ; I could not get version 2.0 working on my machine and for a while after trying to install it, 1.5 didn't work. Its all right, I think the navigation folder could be made a lot more bolder, and a "breadcrumb" like status would also be handy. A couple of times I have been editing the wrong file in the folder.

The second is FireFtp

This is a FTP client plug in for the Mozilla browser . It works really well, however probably not a good one if you are trigger happy as there is no undo. For fast and quick access , I highly recommend it.

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