Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Britsh Pathe

I was looking for some pictures of chorus girls to link to my upcoming #fridayflash (honest!) and I came across this real treasure trove which is the British Pathe  website.

I've been playing through quite a few of the videos, but had to link to this one from 1958 about the seedier side to London's Soho. Click the below to play.


I dare thee not to laugh at one point during it. I especially like the oscar winning delivery from the barmen reminding us, the viewer about the licensing laws. Oh and then there is  the central heating comment....

And whilst I didn't find a picture of any chorus girls, I certainly did find plenty of videos with plenty of racey shots. Gentlemen, you may wish to loosen your collars a bit as I present to you, Miss Reita Mugent


And you may need to get your man to run you a cold bath after watching the following


Now, back to finding a picture of Chorus girls - preferably ones with frilly knickers and a feather.

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