Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mortus illumina VFX update 3

I have no idea, what exactly is going on this picture, but it is all good stuff.  There were a couple of delays in January. One of them was do with continuity. We realised we were missing a reverse shot/s on one of the VFX sequence (pictured) so we had to arrange to get that sequence captured for the VFX. Then the second, in this high tech digital age, we had a very old school problem.

Finding the time free, when both myself and the person who was capturing the footage could get together.(working off of tapes here- and with the history of the making of Mortus Illumina, I am very reluctant to let these tapes  out of my sight).  This was mainly down to myself being messed about with some meeting dates in  London, which never happened - plus the snow.  We got there in the end, and the tapes were captured and sent off to the VFX guys.

This morning, I got the draft cuts through from the VFX guys on the complete sequence, which I have given the thumbs up to.

Everything else is green, so soon the sound scoring for the film should begin shortly...

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