Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Getting the Brother HL 2170W working on a Mac

I was beginning to pull my hair out, and doing a bit of googling, noticed quite a few other people have had problems setting this up on a mac.

I did, however find a simple solution. ignore the main installation program, its crap. On the installation disc is a program called BRAdmin Lite.(a mention of it, is buried in the manual). First of all, you need to create a wireless network called SETUP, which you can do by clicking on the airport icon in the toolbar. Then open up the BR Admin lite program and click search. The Brother printer should appear along with its IP address. Open up your browser and type in the IP address and hey presto! a sensible (well, almost - maybe not quite) configuration page.

Go to network configuration, configure service and wireless and you can enter in your normal wireless network details here (Bthome hub in my instant). It will print a test page to let you know you are successful.

Then, from there disconnect from the SETUP network you created and rejoin your mac to your wireless network.

Finally, under system preferences click add printer, and it should appear as bonjour printer

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