Saturday, 7 April 2012

Downton Abbey Cufflinks

Following on from the Colt 45 Cufflinks, next off the production line so to speak are Downton Abbey Cufflink made from 19th Century/20th Century Livery buttons

From the dealer I bought the buttons from, I was able to find out the following

A bit of history about them. They are 19th / early 20th century Silver plated Livery buttons. Talking to the dealer I bought the buttons off, they came from Weston House in Otley, which is home to the Dawson family.

The Dawson family being famous for William Dawson, inventor of the Wharfedale printing press, effectively the modern printing press

Also in the second world war, on the estate some of the land was given over to a POW camp which housed German Prisoners.

On the upstairs downstairs aspect, it appears Susan Mary Dawson was into the occult, her grave in Weston Churchyard is marked with bronze age cup and ring stones - I kid thee not. 

Currently got five pairs which I am selling by blind auction. I have yet to get my website for this venture up, (will be but I do have a Facebook page up here  on details about how to bid. 


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