Sunday, 25 July 2010

Romeo y Julieta Belicosos

Admittedly, what I know about cigars could be written on a modest size back of an envelope and would probably not hold up to much scrutiny. However, I am starting to begin to explore what is out there and I know what I like.

To date, my favorite cigar is a Romeo y Julieta Churchill and if you ever need to win my favour, you probably couldn't do worse than to get us one of these. A whole case and... well

Moving on, first up to be reviewed is the Romeo y Juleta Belicosos which I found to be quite a light smoke. It was also didn't give out plumes of smoke so probably one to consider in a social situation. It took just over an hour to get through it. It's also a cigar that I can't imagine saving for a nice port or brandy. Nor is it an after dinner smoke. I kind of imagine smoking one of these outside at some event or another.

By far, not my favourite of the Romeo y Julieta's but better than a lot of other cigars out there.

Cost about £15 for one.


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